SEO: 3 Mini Steps to Jump Start

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a weekly topic our customers discuss with our support team. As we expect it to be! If your church website is to appear on Google, or any search engine, SEO becomes a necessary process of maintaining your website.

The problem is that SEO is a huge subject and one that is complicated and confusing for most – even full time web administrators!  Here at Faithwebsites, we do not specialize in SEO and do not claim to be experts, but we do work with websites and development and will share what we have learned.

The following are some immediate steps that you can do on your FWS admin site, and on your own via Google’s tools that will help jump start your SEO results.

  1. Analytics. If you haven’t already, add Google Analytics to your site.  If you are a FWS Complete customer, click here for our Help Manual video tutorial on setting up Google Analytics.  Next, wait at least two weeks for the data to start being captured and before you start reading any of the reports.  In the interim, work on the steps below.
  2. Home Page Content. Content is “king” when it comes to SEO, but for our mini steps, we want to focus on one thing only – do you have the word “church” in the main body of content on your home page? If not, try to figure out how to get it on your Home page. If you are not a church, but a Christian School or Ministry or Organization, put the relevant keyword, or term, in your main body content. Why? Home page content is critical for optimization and if you don’t have the main keyword that people are likely to search for you by – you will not see the top results needed to get your site noticed.  NOTE: Flash and Graphic banner headers do not count. Those are not part of what search engines typically crawl.

  3. Google Local Business Center. Get listed! This can make a huge difference for people who are conducting local searches (e.g. “church Oak Brook IL”). This is a free account, free listing and simply takes a bit of your time.  Click here for the link to the Local Business Center.  NOTE: if you already have a Google Account, you can simply log in. If not, you’ll need to set one up first. For more information on understanding Google Accounts, head to your Help Manual or click here.

SEO will be a regularly featured topic here at this blog – be sure to subscribe to our blog! If you have a specific SEO topic you would like to see featured, leave it in the comments below.

If you are a current FWS customer and have specific support questions, contact support via your Support Center and start a New Ticket.

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