Enhancement Highlight: Members Database – Selected Groups

One of Faithwebsites popular features for our church and Christian School customers is our Members Database. Always designed to be much more than just a single purpose database, we recently added an enhancement that now expands the uses for the database even further – and puts more control and options in your hands!

Introducing the “Selected Groups” button in the Members Database Search Form.

Members Database Search Form screenshot

Members Database Search Form

With the addition of the “Selected Groups” control, you can now select which group(s) you want displayed, or available to search, on that page of your website. This allows you to use the single Members Database as totally separate databases. For example, if you are a school and want to have one database that has current enrolled families and another database that has your alumni, you can now have all the information entered into your Members Database.  On the page you want the enrolled families database/directory displayed, use the Members Database Search Form tool, choose “Selected Group” and select only the group(s) you want. On another page of your site, repeat the process, only this time, select just your alumni group(s).

Churches have found this of use too for separate ministry pages.

Now you can add a search tool for just your music ministry, or youth ministry, etc.

Have another use for the newly added Selected Groups feature in the Members Database

? Share your ideas in the comments below.

For more detailed information, or step-by-step instructions on the Members Database, visit our Help Manual, or contact customer support via your Support Center ticket system.

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