Website Makeovers: Updates You Can Do Today

Looking for some quick ways to update your home page? Or, maybe you are looking for a way to change the look of your entire website without the cost of redesigning your site? Our support and sales teams get quite a few requests on how to do some website improvements, from small to large changes. Here are just a handful of updates you can do today that can make a large impact on your ministry’s site.

  1. Switch to Top Navigation. This is the single largest item you can do to “modernize” your website. Most websites these days are primarily top navigation – or a combination of top navigation with drop down and/or left navigation. Typically, you’ll want to try to organize your site in such a way that your Home page does not have any left side or even drop down navigation.
  2. Add a Right Side bar (if you are not using it currently). Your Right Side bar can be used for an Upcoming Events calendar, general information like your service dates/times, additional promos or links, and much more!
  3. Widen your site. If you have had your website with Faithwebsites for a while, chances are your site may be on the “old” standard width. With newer monitors/resolutions, acceptable widths are now up to 960 pixels. How do you

    do this? Easy – just create a new ticket in your Support Center and ask us to widen. We will do that for you free of charge, and the change is quick!

  4. Refresh your colors. If you are using a standard color palette template that Faithwebsites offers, consider going into the Settings menu and changing it to custom. From that point, you will have access to adjust the color scheme of your entire website.
  5. Add a banner, or refresh your current banner. The “banner” is the graphic or color element that sits on top of your navigation bar.

    This is one of the greatest tools for setting your website apart from others and really communicating your message. You have many options – from designing your own banner, uploading a simple jpg (although it must be a wide image – 958 pixels), or requesting a quote for a static or flash custom designed banner. You can have different home page and interior page banners too, and for our school based customers, keep in mind that each teacher / faculty page can have its own banner too!

Included above are links to our Help Manual for support and video tutorials on how to do these tasks. Remember that your FWS Customer Support Team is ready to assist you or answer any questions.

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