Running a VBS Program? Create an Online Registration Form.

Running a VBS program at your church this year

? Create an online registration form that automatically emails the information to a designated email address. Make the registration process available to your church attenders 24×7 and maybe simplify within the office (or at least streamline some of the registration process…)!

To do this, either add a page, or designate a page on your site that will hold the form.

Then, add the Interactive Form tool (or i-form) and begin creating your registration form.  It’s probably a good idea to pick an email address to send the submitted i-forms to, but you do not have to. Your submitted forms can be accessed via your FWS administration site. Head to your navigation builder, and find the page where the form is. At the bottom of the i-form tool is a blue link called “Submitted I-Forms”. You’ll be able to view and download all your forms right there.

Now to communicate to your target audience about your registration form. Ideas include:

  • Adding a link to the form on your home page
  • Add a “VBS Registration Opens” and “VBS Registration Deadline” reminder “event dates” in your main calendar – and including the URL/link for your form in the event – this will then show up in Calendar, Upcoming Events Calendar and/ or your Weekly Events Email.

  • If you are using the Members Database, use your Mass Email tool and send out information on VBS and including the link for your registration form
  • And all your standard communication methods…
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