Enhancement Highlight: I-form Custom Email

We recently rolled out a new feature in our interactive form tool (i-form): the ability to send a custom email message back to user! Now instead of the default (which is to send a copy of the submitted form back to the user as confirmation) you can create your own custom email content.

This allows for thank-yous, additional information and directions, special confirmation instructions

and much more!

If you are currently using an i-form tool anywhere on your website, head to your Navigation Builder Home, and click the Main Body link where your form is located. Click the “Update I-Form Properties” link and you will now see a text editor where you can compose your email message. Remember that the “send confirmation email” box must be checked in order for any email to be sent back to the user after a form has been submitted.

If you do not want to create a custom email, just leave the text editor blank – the default will still be sent.

If you have any questions about this new enhancement, or building and using the Interactive Form tool on your website, please contact our Support Team by creating a new ticket in your Support Center.

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