New Feature: Scholarship Database

In answer to a growing need for Christian School websites, we rolled out a new scholarship database and tool in your Faithwebsites application. Now you can take your scholarship information and have it displayed on a specific page (or pages) of your website.

Following the same intuitive and flexible process as our o

ther database tools, the scholarship database begins with building the database, organizing into categories if desired, adding the specific scholarship information and then using a Main Body tool to place the scholarship information on the desired page on your website.

This gives you the ability to have one central database where

the scholarship details are entered, with the option of where you want to have the listing available on your website. For example, if a school wanted to create one page – such as a guidance or resource section of their site – for all scholarships, they would select all the categories to be displayed. Or, if a school wanted to organize their scholarship opportunities by category, they could have the athletic scholarships displayed on one page, while the music scholarships were displayed within the music page/section of the website.

The Scholarship Database feature is free to all FWS customers. To activate it, go into your Administrators and turn on the permission to see the Scholarship Database. There is a tutorial video on the new database that can be found in your Help Manual. You can also review some sample data and setup on our demo site. Questions can be directed to our support team via your Support Center ticket system.

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