New Feature: Enhanced Resource/News Tool

The Resource/News tool is one of the most commonly used tools with our customers, and we’ve just made it better! If you are not familiar with this tool, it is main body tool for any page of your website. Simply choose it from your tool drop down menu at the top of the page.

Used for a variety of purposes, this tool allows you to easily build document resources, updates, news items and more. Unlike building your content in the standard text editor, the Resource/News tool has two key advantages – 1) it is built to keep all content and links in a uniform presentation (or output) on your webpage and 2) it has an RSS feed option!

Already capable of adding documents, links, and building small webpages, we’ve added one more enhancement.

The description field now is a full text editor, which allows even more versatility. If you have a need for consistent updates, announcements, events, listing of documents or link resources, consider using the Resource/News tool. For more questions on how to use this tool, head to your Support Center and start a new ticket.

We’ll be happy to assist you!

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