Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving blessingsHappy Thanksgiving everyone! At FWS, we are thankful for our customers and the continual opportunities to work with churches, schools and other Christian organizations.

At this time of year, our reflections turn toward the many blessings God has given us.

It is our prayer that you experience God’s blessings this week and that your website can be used to bless those individuals who visit it this week.

How can your website bless

your visitors? Here are a few ideas that you can do on your website today:

  • On your home page, post listings of any community meals that may be taking place on, or around Thanksgiving Day Holiday. This can be a temporary posting; for most of our customers, one of the easiest ways to add this would be on the Right Side Bar, using either the News/Resource Tool or a Text Editor.
  • Post contact and/or location information for local food banks.
  • Contact your local outreach groups and find out what volunteers are still needed, and when, for food baskets and meals. Post a “Volunteers Needed” on your home page, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Add a Thanksgiving blessing, prayer or story to your home page – just for this week. If the content is long, add a link on your Right Side bar or Main Body of your home page, and build the content on an inside page of your site.
  • Be sure to post any special Thanksgiving Day services, events and/or closures for your organization.
  • Remember that any tool you use can simply be inactivated, and come Christmas time, you can edit the content and simply click “Active” to have an updated holiday posting!
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