Enhancement Highlight: Updated Slide Show Tool

Here at FWS, we are excited to announce the release of a brand new slide show tool! It is ready for use and available in your tool options now.

The new slide show tool is both an enhancement to the “old” tool, and also

an entirely new product tool. This slide show now operates on a script called “jquery”. Now, most of our customers really don’t care to understand that, but what you do want to know is that this slide show can be viewed on mobile devices, along with many other benefits.

Let’s talk about the other benefits and a little of just what you can do with this tool now. You can view some examples of the new tool in use at our Community Church demo site.

  • Format and presentation options. Choose the location of the photo/image and the way title or captions, etc. are placed, OR choose full width. The Full Width option now opens up the ability to create a moving announcement, navigation or photo gallery that spans your entire webpage. Combined with the ability to add navigation (photos/images can be “clickable”), you can create professional home page rotating slide shows in no time at all.
  • Transition options. There is quite an expanded list of transition types, and even a link that demonstrates just what those transitions will look like.
  • The ability to show Previous / Next links. This allows your user to take control of the slide show, and is especially useful if you link your images/photos to different URL destinations. (Think announcements, etc.)
  • All the standard features such as size, timing and photo order still exist.

How do you get started?

To start a new slide show, simply head to your Navigation Builder, select a page, and choose “New Slide Show” from the drop down menu of tool options. For detailed instructions, visit our Support Website.

To convert an existing slide show (or photo gallery) to the new tool, simply click on the link above the tool “Convert to new slide show”. Once the page has refreshed, click on the “Slide Show Properties” link to begin editing and creating your new slide show, using all your existing photos.

We hope you enjoy the new tool enhancement! If you have any questions or need support, feel free to contact Customer Support via your ticket system.

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