Enhancement Highlight: Updated Text Editor

We rolled out an updated version of the text editor, called CKEditor. The updated version is very similar, yet is faster and brings more formatting options! We’re sure you’ll appreciate some of the new tools in the editor


When you first start a new editor tool, it will default to the updated editor. If you prefer, there is a link that will allow you to swap back to the “old” editor. We’ll keep this link in the application for a while, mainly to give those of you who might have special templates built a chance to move over to the new editor.

What’s new with the editor


Mostly, the changes are in the editor’s efficiency, and some users may notice the editor is faster. The next biggest change and improvement is that font sizes can now be selected by point size, versus the old “smaller”, “larger” method!

The other changes we want to point out to our customers is that the look of the icons have changed, but the functionality has not. Our most common used icons now look like this:

“Paste as Plain Text”: This is the new look to the icon that enables you to paste content in to your website safely stripping it of any unwanted or “bad” code. Remember, paste your content in as plain text, and use the editor to format your content to ensure that your pages look and function correctly for all users no matter what browser/computer/screen they may have!

“Link”: This is the slightly new look to the Link tool icon. Use this link tool to properly build links to URLs, email addresses, documents in your File Uploads and more. Remember for any link that will take your user outside of your website, click on the “Target” tab in the Link menu and choose “new window”. This ensures that your user does not lose their place on your website and provides a professional and pleasant browsing experience for your users.

“Image”: This is the updated look to the icon that used to be called “insert/edit image”. The Image tool menu is almost identical; continue to use this for building graphic navigation icons / buttons, for placing images in exact spots in your content, and for adding multiple images to the same editor, and more! Remember that you must first upload your images to your File Uploads area, which automatically assigns each image file a URL. You’ll need that URL to enter into the Image menu. Again, if you are building a link with/from your image, remember to choose “New Window” from the drop down Target menu.

If you login to your admin website and do not see the new editor as default, you may need to clear your browser’s cookies (and possibly cache, too). Or, you can use the link to switch to the new editor, and your browser should remember that preference going forward. If you have any questions or experience problems in using the new editor, please contact Customer Support through your Support Center ticket system. We look forward to continuing to update the Faithwebsites Complete CMS application!


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