Trends in Church Websites

A lot of change continues to impact nonprofit ministry and church websites. For starters, websites are no longer “optional” but now essential for most churches. And perhaps the biggest change is that churches are realizing that websites are not just for keeping their members updated – websites, especially with social media integration, are for reaching out to people looking for a church home, for offering support and spiritual resources and to continue to connect people already attending the church.

Some of the most common trends seen today:

  • Clean design and less words.

    Gone are the flashy intros and long wordy home pages.

    Churches are recognizing that good design balance, graphics, white space and integrated content is yielding great success.

  • Updated and simplified navigation. Churches are opting to keep their main navigation down to a 5 or so choices and using call-out button and integrated design “buttons” on their home page for key sections of their website. The navigation names have changed too, becoming more creative and direct. Examples could include the “About Us” section becoming “Learn More”, and “Service Times” being rolled into “I’m New” or “New Here?”. Terms like “Connect”, “Grow”, “Serve”, “Give” are being  used in place of longer terms.
  • Home page designs support featured important areas of the ministry – and offer users a one-click option to get direct to that information.

  • Video and audio are key to the website, mostly included as a call-out button or links right off the home page.
  • Social media links, or icons, are integrated into the design of the home page and social media feeds are offered throughout the entire website.
  • Home page slide shows are larger, featuring more stock photography or professional images. Less room is needed for home page content these days, and more resources are being put into purchasing and creation of announcements and other slide show images. Candid photos are reserved for photo galleries within the interior pages.
  • Slide shows are being used on more interior pages. Think Children’s Ministry, Teen Outreach / Camps, Short Term Missions Trips…

Your Faithwebsite CMS website can be changed to meet any and all of these trends! Our updated slide show tool can be made to nearly any size – including full site width. Moving to top navigation (if you haven’t already) and editing your navigation in your administrative website is a few minute task – the bigger chore might be determining what to update your navigation to!

As always, contact us via your support center for more information or assistance on completing a task in your CMS. And, follow us on Facebook; we’re going to start featuring new designs and customer websites that have made some great changes on our Facebook page.

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