Enhancement Update: AddThis

If you’re not familiar with the term “AddThis“, you are likely to recognize the image below.

AddThis is a platform that makes sharing a page

or content from your website easy for users – literally one click to the source of their choice and they have shared information with others. Adding this sharing tool to pages of your website is one way to gain visibility and help spread the word about your organization, event, fundraising and more.

Faithwebsites has created a built-in tool that enables you to place the AddThis sharing icon bar on your website with only a few steps! You can choose if you want to add it site wide, or select page by page.

Basic setup instructions:

  1. To begin, you need an account with AddThis. It’s free and only takes a moment to do. Head to and register.
  2. Once you register, you are assigned a Profile ID. Copy that ID.
  3. Login to your FWS admin site and click on Settings.
  4. Towards the bottom of the Settings menu, you will see the AddThis Content Sharing section.
  5. Select the options you’d like, knowing that you can come back and change the settings at any time.

  6. Enter your Profile ID, edit the AddThis service options and then click Update at the very bottom of the Settings menu/screen.
  7. If you have selected to include AddThis on all pages, after a refresh, your live site will show the icons on every page, at the top. If you have selected to include AddThis on a page by page basis, continue on to the steps below.
  8. For page control, go to your Navigation Builder and find the page of your choice. Click on Update for that page.
  9. In the Update Page menu, click on red “Advanced Settings” link to expand the menu.
  10. At the very top of the Advanced Settings menu, there is a check box for displaying the AddThis tool. Check the box and then click Update to save your changes.
  11. Refresh your live site and the AddThis will appear at the top of that page. Repeat the process for all the pages you would like the sharing tool placed on.

The AddThis tool has many more features and functionality that you may wish to explore on your own.

We have found proven success with the AddThis tool, which is why FWS created a short-cut built into your CMS, but as a third-party application, we cannot offer support for the tool and it’s features. Should you need any assistance getting the AddThis tool embedded into your website, we are happy to assist you with that. Please create a new ticket in your Support Center and our Support Team will answer you shortly.


2 responses to “Enhancement Update: AddThis”

  1. Greg Ziegler says:

    Can you tell me how to move the “add this” info, i.e. facebook and twitter buttons, to a different place on the website pages on which I choose to include them? Thanks.

    • lisag says:

      Hi Greg,
      So sorry that we didn’t see your comment until now. Did you contact support or do you still need assistance? The best (and certainly timely!) way to reach us is through your support center ticket system. Thank you!

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