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The Page Level Title Tag is one of the most important tags in your website – especially for all your key landing pages or your main navigation category pages. The content of the title tag is displayed by most search engines as the title of your page within the search engine results – or SERPs.  Search engines weigh the content in this title as extremely important or valuable insight as to what is contained on your web page  – resulting in a heavy impact on your overall SEO.

In Faithwebsites CMS, you can easily create your own Page Titles on a page by page basis, customizing the keywords for each of your landing pages. To do so, head to your navigation builder, and click “update” for the page you wish to edit.

Click on Advance Settings and you will see a field called “Title Bar Override”. Add your content there, and after saving and refreshing – you can see the changes in your browsers title bar field.

It takes a few weeks for search engines to update this content, but with the right keywords, but results can be seen quickly. Here are a few suggestions in creating your Page Title:

  • Try to keep your Title Tags to between 40 and 60 characters in length, including spaces.

    Less is more!

  • The Title Tag needs to make sense

    to people, not just to search engines. Remember that this is what is displayed on the page of search results for users – make it something that compels users to click on the link.

  • Focus on working in your most important keywords
  • Start with your key landing pages or your main (top) navigation pages first. See how that goes and work into other pages on your site.
  • Revisit! Create your page titles and then mark your calendar to review your analytics in a couple months – see which pages have increased and what the title tag says. Edit and repeat.
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