Share the Christmas Story…

… and build up your social media following all in one. Have you heard of Natwivity?

The team at Faithwebsites was introduced to Natwivity last year.

Brilliantly produced and executed from a creative organization out of the U.K., the mission of Natwivity is to tell the story

of Christ’s birth – for the 21st century audience. Last year, all the characters of the greatest story on earth tweeted (Twitter) daily as they went through their lives. Joseph, Mary, Herod, and many were all sharing.

Natwivity targets the teen through 30’s audience, many of whom do not hear or get an opportunity to see the Christmas story. This target audience also represents the largest group of social media users, but Natwivity was loved by all. Grandparents chuckled over the thoughts of the Roman soldiers and shed tears over what may have been Mary’s prayers, while younger children were beginning to realize that these characters in the bible were real people.

Natwivity provides you with all the resources you need to join in that telling through your Facebook and Twitter streams. They even provide you with website ready images to promote the story. Just follow Natwivity on Facebook and/or Twitter and repost and share the story. Yes, it will require someone on your team to be dedicated to update your posts, but the updates take seconds and the results will be worth it.

Not only will you be sharing the Christmas story in a new way, you’ll be reaching a new audience, and you’ll gain momentum in building your social media network.

What are you waiting for? Natwivity starts in a couple weeks… check it out!

Note: While many Faithwebsites customers appreciated Natwivity last year, we encourage you to do your own research to ensure that your church or organization embraces the beliefs and presentation style of Natwivity.

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