Promoting your church’s Christmas service

Whether your church does a large scale, multi-time Christmas service, or a single Christmas Eve service, Christmas is a time to reach out and invite others in the community to your church. Here are some suggestions on how you can use your website and social media to reach out to your community.

Week 1 and 2:

  1. Build a page on your website for the event. Be sure to give your page a simple filename – you’ll want a short URL for that specific page.
  2. Once your website page is ready, build an event on your Facebook page. Use the same graphics, same text as you do for your website page. You don’t have to build all the details in your Facebook event page – but be sure to include the key items (dates, times, locations, etc.) and a link directly to your website page for the Christmas service(s).
  3. Tweet the event on your church’s Twitter account.
  4. Recruit your congregation! Get the word out through your church bulletin, announcements and more, asking members to share the event on their personal Facebook pages and tweet about the event.
  5. Sit down with your Christmas service team and make a list of specific things you can use to continue to promote the service. You can use random thoughts & rem inders

    such as “the stage is being painted…”, “sneak peek” concept, “you don’t want to miss…” teasers and more. Keep it simple, keep it short and most of all, make sure you have enough ideas to tweet and post about, every day to every third day at a minimum.

Week 2 and 3:

  1. Put a schedule together or jot down reminders in your calendar for regular posts and tweets on the event.
  2. Take pictures of the set being built, the children or choir practicing – anything like that. Add a photo slideshow or gallery tool to the bottom of your Christmas event webpage, and upload those pictures there.
  3. From the step above, choose one of the pictures you’ve taken and post it to your Facebook wall and tweet it. Why one? You’ll get more mileage by posting one at a time directly to your Facebook wall, versus building a Facebook album. Albums are for your members – and, aha! You have that on your website page.
  4. Consider putting together a promo video and uploading on your website. Embed the video on your event page and be sure to update your Facebook wall and Twitter feed with the video’s link.
  5. Remind your congregation to keep promoting the event on their personal social media streams.
  6. Don’t forget to keep posting about the event – several times a week.

Week 4:

  1. Post a reminder on FB about having your members invite their contacts to the service. They can do this with just a couple clicks on Facebook!
  2. Keep it up! Post a new picture on your Facebook wall.
  3. Retweet, re-post daily.

The above is a basic plan starting about 4 weeks ahead; customize this to fit your schedule and your social media streams, but do plan ahead and start as early as you can, picking up the pace as you get closer to the event.

One important step – take notes along the way – what works and doesn’t work, the schedule, etc. You’ll want to brush those notes off in a short time for your Easter service!

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