New Enhancement: Image Cropping Tool!

We are super excited to announce that a new image cropping tool has been installed in Faithwebsites CMS!

Understanding the importance that top-quality visuals and slide shows have in websites today, this built-in crop tool will help you upload any picture and make that picture fit the designated space perfectly. This results in the image looking made for the space and professional, versus stretched or squished to fit the space!

The crop tool works with the Slide Show tool in the Main Body and Right Side Bar sections of the site.  The photo dimensions are drawn from the dimensions you have setup in the Slide Show tool.

Here’s a basic step-by-step of how the crop tool works. If you use a crop tool in other applications, you’ll find this quite familiar.

  1. When you add a photo in the Slide Show tool, you’ll see a Crop or Downsize option. Be sure that the button for crop photo is selected. Add your photo as you would normally.
  2. In the next step, click anywhere on the photo to get the crop tool to appear. In our example, this is the original photo we started with.
  3. Use the corners to resize the crop tool or grab the tool frame to reposition the tool.
  4. The crop box itself will always stay in the correct aspect ratio, (horizontal x vertical) of the dimensions in your Slide Show tool. What you see inside the crop box dotted lines is the final photo product that will be displayed. This allows you to take pictures and create copy space, added visual interest, cut out unwanted parts of the photo and the list goes on!
  5. Finally, click Crop Photo & Finish. The final result of our cropping example is below. We’ve made a wider horizontal photo fit a square Slide Show nicely by cropping out part of the photo and centering the focus on the subject.

Need more help? We have a video tutorial that will take you through the Slide Show Tool setup and cropping features. Still need more help? No problem, just contact Support. We’re happy to assist.

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