Instant Mobile Website – New Product Release

If you’re following us on Facebook, then you know it’s coming – mobile websites for your current FWS or DIS site!

Here’s a sneak preview of what our product will offer:

  1. Instant. What do we mean by “instant”? You can mobilize your site in seconds. Yes, the domain work and the setup work has to be done first – but, don’t worry – we’ll help you out with that. The actual work of taking your existing website and making it into a mobile site takes only a moment.
  2. Maintain Only One Website. Most of our customers already have enough work just to keep one site updated – so we made sure our product has content and design updates that feed from your current site. Do a job once – get it out to both sites.
  3. Customize Options – At Your Fingertips. Some of you are going to want more – no standard cookie-cutter mobile site for you! If you fall into this group, you are going to love the easy template options and ability to customize your mobile site navigation and more. Don’t like what you see on your phone after you customize? Just go right back in and click another template – it’s that easy!
  4. As always, our Faithwebsites support team will be here to help you through the setup and any questions you have.


This product is scheduled for release in May 2012, and is available only for existing Faithwebsites and DIS customers. There will be a one-time setup fee and a small monthly service fee. Please start a new support ticket or contact support if you would like more information.

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  1. Please let me know when Mobile site becomes available.

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