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Faithwebsites Scheduling ToolsThere was a big cheer when Facebook rolled out the ability to schedule posts this past June. Sites like HootSuite, MailChimp and many more had already been providing scheduling tools for admins, and it was met with remarkable success. It’s no wonder – we’re all busy, and with a long to-do list. Scheduling tools give you the ability to manage when and how you work on your content updates.

Did you know that Faithwebsites provides – and has for many years – scheduling tools too? Yes! Many of our most popular content tools in the CMS provide the ability to schedule when that content will be “active” (or live) and/or when you want to make content “inactive” – or pulling it from the live version of the web page.

Website content can differ from social media content in that some content has a limited life-span. For example, a webpage promoting a special event should be removed after the event. So Faithwebsites CMS tools offer the ability to turn off content, not just to schedule when the content is visible.

Some examples of where scheduling is available:

  • An entire web page
  • Any individual tool on a page (really – all of the main body tools, including text editor, photo gallery, resource/news, and more!)
  • Individual items within the news/resource tool

Think of the flexibility! You can build your content ahead of time – for example, volunteer sign up sheets for an upcoming event, and have it scheduled to go live on your website at the time of the announcement.

Or, build your content and go-live immediately, and then have it scheduled to become inactive at a specific date. No worries about “old” content hanging out on your website.

To access the scheduling feature on a webpage, while in the Navigation Builder, click the Update link for the page, and then click Advanced Settings. To access scheduling for any individual tool, first click Main Body for that page, and then find the tool. Next, click the Edit link under the Tool Heading area. (see screenshot below.) If you would like more information or assistance on using the scheduling tools, please contact support!

Example screen for tools

Screenshot example to find scheduling tools

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