Tool Training: Signup Sheets

A new tool that we introduced early this year is our online Signup Sheets, which works in tandem with the Members Database. And it’s recently been the very solution that many of our customers have needed!

The Signup Tool does exactly what the name implies – allows you to build an online signup sheet for any type of event or function. Think of this as the web based replacement of the standard clipboard in your lobby or office! Now you can let users sign up at their own convenience, and all your entries will be organized with printable sheets available too!

Here’s just a small list of ideas to get you started:

  • Volunteers needed for any event or function – think of fundraisers, Christmas programs, church / community outreach dinners, etc.
  • Nursery or child care
  • Baked goods or food items needed for an event/food pantry/outreach
  • Parents sign-up for supplies in the classroom
  • Any type of specific need or time duration sign-up!

This tool is added to any web page on your site, and with properties that allow  you to control how users sign up and what information can be publicly viewed, the tool can be used for many purposes. The properties allow you to show the names of those signed up on your website, or just that the entry is filled. Remember that you can always place this on a password secured, or members only page if you wish to have the page less visible to all users.

To get started, you do need to have your Members Database built, which is required since the tool has the ability to send out reminder emails to those that signup.

Go to your Navigation Builder Home, and navigate to the page you want to add the signup sheet to. Click Main Body and then select Signup Tool from the drop down menu and add it to the page. Setup your properties (you can always go back and edit the properties later).

Next, start building your date(s) and groupings. Your final step would be to create the Setup Entries, which are the actual fields that people will signup for. You can make this as general or specific as you need to. A simple, generic example of a signup sheet can be viewed here.

A video tutorial on this tool can be viewed on our support site.

If you have questions or need further support, we are only a support ticket away! Let us know how we can help you.

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