Enhancement Update: Audio Player (Sermons Player)

We’ve recently updated our audio tool to feature an updated player! If you used the Audio Sermons (MP3) tool on your website, your live site page(s) now display a new player – one that has an  updated look and feel, with controls that web users today expect. The largest benefit to the new player is a more consistent user-experience across all browsers, including iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.).

Users can also experience faster play-back, as the new player now loads the files as the page loads. However, if you have a large number of audio files on your page, you may experience longer page load times. As a good rule of thumb,  to keep page load times reasonable, we would recommend that you consider limiting the number of audio files on a single page to no more than 52 (one year at one sermon per week.) The ideal would be to keep less files – between 12 and 24 audio files, depending on the length of the audio in each file. The remaining sermons could be moved to archive pages for previous years. To do this, simply add a new page, add a new audio sermon tool to the page, and then use the “move sermons” link at the top of the original audio sermon tool.

Downloading files is still available to your users; you may want to provide updated instructions. To download an audio file, right click on the file title or the MP3 link under the volume control. Choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” and save the file to the destination of your choice.

If you have any questions regarding the Audio Player tool enhancement, please contact customer support.

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4 responses to “Enhancement Update: Audio Player (Sermons Player)”

  1. Frank says:

    Do the audio files need to be stored on faithwebsites, or can they be stored elsewhere, with playback through this new audio player that FWS is providing?

    • lisag says:

      Hi Frank,
      The answer to your question is that they can be stored elsewhere, but please check with Support for specifics of what you would like to setup or do with the audio files. Thank you!

  2. Dick Smith says:

    Examples of player show the title of the sermon below the progress bar (Forgiving Love in above example) but nowhere is the instruction on how to do this! All of our players show “mp3” in that position. Any idea how we do this?

    • lisag says:

      Hi Dick,
      Please contact our team via your Support Center ticket system. They’ll be happy to work with you on the audio player setup.

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