Enhancement Update: Updated Audio Player

After rolling out our new audio player, we discovered that we needed to tweak and improve it some more. Effective now, an updated player has been pushed out and is on your web pages. The new player is now compatible with all modern browsers, including iOS and Android.

This updated player utilizes a different method of loading the audio files on a page – if there are many files on a page, only the top 30 files will upload. If there are more, the additional files will load as the user scrolls down. We still recommend that you minimize the number of audio files on a page – as more files does require a longer page-load time for the user.

Other features and improvements include a download progress indicator, a better MP3 download link, and a smaller design profile, taking up less space (or “real estate) on the screen.

If you have questions or experience any difficulties with the updated audio player, contact Support via your Support Center link.


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