Site Manager Paves the Way for Future Change

All we’ve been talking about lately is our new admin website interface – Site Manager. If you’re a current customer of Faithwebsites, by now you know that you’ll be moved to Site Manager in the month of April, and you may have even joined us in one of our live webinar sessions.

We’re not just excited because this is a new interface and way to manage your website. We’re excited because this interface change really was about creating a platform that enables us to push out new tools, enhancements and updates in ways we never could before.

With Site Manager’s release, the new integrated blogging tool* became available. This tool features standard blog platform components – like categories and tags, and is using the new File Uploads tool so that you have easier ways to manage multiple images per post. You can also schedule posts and customize what you want to show up on the right side bar of the web page of your blog.

Speaking of File Uploads, the new tool will save you time, offers you drag and drop, easy file organization, better thumbnails, and access to your documents and images from multiple page level tools! We’re excited to hear your feedback on this tool – be sure to join a live session and watch us demo this tool in action!

And that leads me to the topic of feedback. We’ve launched our own user forum – The Neighborhood – for DIS and FWS website users. We’d love to have you join and participate. Many of you are looking for content ideas, ways to keep your site updated, tips and tricks on how to do certain tasks, and much more. We have to keep our support team focused on helping you learn the CMS, but what about the other aspects of building a site? It is our hope that our users will ask, answer, provide feedback and offer opinions on The Neighborhood forum – so that together, all our users can benefit!

We’re excited about our development plans for 2013! With special thanks to our Site Manager Early Adopter group, we’re off to a great start! Stay tuned for more updates, anniversary promos and yes – more updates and upgrades to Site Manager.


*The Integrated Blogging Tool is part of the Premier and Enterprise Service Plans.

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