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We’ve had several inquiries lately about Meta Keywords which has brought to light that we are behind on updating our interface, and more importantly, our customers about changes that have evolved over the years with keyword meta tag.

Meta keywords are a series of keywords and phrases that can be added to your site, on a page by page level. They used to be one of the most popular ways to influence Search Engine rankings, and a favorite stand-by for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The emphasis is on “used to be.” Some search engines may still use them, but Google has stated quite clearly that they do not use keyword meta tags. Bing appears to still be using them – but as a signal for spammers, not ranking (which is a big danger and a negative)!

Meta keywords became a method abused by spammers, resulting in most search engines ruling them out. Most SEO experts will tell you to remove them and not use them – not only because of the possible association of spam, but also because competitors can see what keywords you are trying to target. Now, for most of our customers at Faithwebsites – such competition is not a concern, but the possibility of being associated with spam / spammers should be a concern.

At DIS | Faithwebsites, we recommend that you do not use the meta keywords anymore. But — some meta tags are still used — just not the keywords.

One of the most important meta tags that Google and other search engines do use is meta description, which in Site Manager is “Meta Tag Description”. (See screenshot below)

Site Manager SEO fields

Screenshot of the SEO fields in Site Manager

In conclusion, we would recommend that you do not add or create any more meta tag keywords to your site. We will be working to eventually remove or re-purpose that field in Site Manager in the future. We would recommend that you continue the practice of updating your Title Bar Override and your Meta Tag Description fields.

You may find this video from Google Webmaster resources useful (keep in mind the video was produced several years ago). If you have questions, contact Support through your Support Center ticket system.



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  1. Karen Quiner says:

    Just to clarify, are you saying that it is a good thing to change the title bar override frequently?

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