Employing your Website as Customer Service

I recently read an article, Customer Service in the Church, and would recommend that you read it too. The article brings out a simple truth that “customer service” is not necessarily labeled that way in most churches, but is vitally important.

This brings up some recent conversations I had with a few Christian Schools and their website redesign projects. Your website has a key role in the first impression, and ongoing communication and connection for your members or families. Is your website doing a good job in it’s customer service role?

Questions that you might ask yourself to determine the answer might be:

  • Is your website easy to find in searches (this may require some basic SEO work)
  • Is your website easy to navigate? Are the menu options clear, simple and obvious?
  • Do you have contact info, address and directions on your website? A common mistake that we see is just embedding a map, and not actually including the street address. This could make things very difficult for users who want to plug the address into their own mapping application.
  • Are your hours posted?
  • Is your information kept up to date? Especially in key areas such as worship, children’s ministries and outreach groups for churches, and admissions and academics for Christian schools.
  • Is your calendar and event information regularly updated?
  • Do the images on your website pages accurately reflect the culture of your organization?
  • Do you have “real” images on your website – are some of your images of actual members, students and families? (Don’t use all stock photography!)

Thinking of your websites as a vital customer service role for your organization is a great perspective. Give it a try!

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