Creating a Flickr Photo Stream

Flickr can be a great resource for storing and sharing your photos, as well as building a photo stream. Flickr offers 1TB of space with each free account and allows you to upload photos up to 200MB, which is extremely large. Flickr also allows you, and anyone you choose, to download the photos in full resolution. This makes it easy to share photos within your organization. Like any other social media and photo sharing website, not all content on Flickr may be appropriate for all viewers.

Flickr is a social media platform, but like other social media streams, you’ll want to considering bringing your stream into your website – engaging your website visitors and connecting all your streams in one place.

Like Instagram, it is easy to share your Flickr photos on your website. One way to share Flickr photos is to create a “badge”, which is a widget that you can embed on your website. The badge contains an automatically updated stream of your public photos. First, you need to have some photos marked as public. Then, to create a badge with Flickr, go here.

Flickr offers a lot of customization with their badges. We recommend creating an HTML badge, as it functions universally  on more devices. Then, you can choose which photos you want to share. As mentioned above, only photos which are marked public can be shared in a badge. Flickr makes it easy to organize your photos into a variety of sets or using a variety of tags. In your badge, you can choose to share all of your photos or you can share photos in only a specific set or with a specific tag. Using sets or tags is a great option if you want to share photos related to a specific topic or from a specific event.

You can also choose how exactly you want your badge to look. If you are placing this on the right side bar of your page, we recommend using the square or thumbnail sizes and orienting the badge vertically. You can also customize the badge to match the colors of your website, which we highly recommend, to give your badge a professional look.

Once you have fully customized the badge, you can embed it on your website using the Widget Embed tool in Site Manager. Copy all of the code from Flickr and then paste in a new Widget Embed tool on either the main body or right side bar of your site. In general, with the size of the badge photos, a photo stream will look best on your right side bar.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 5.52.44 PM
Here is an example of a Flickr badge, customized with a black background.

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