Introducing Social Stream Database. CMS + Social Media

The team at DIS is thrilled to be releasing our newest module (tool set) – Social Stream Database. And the first release of this tool is available now!*

Social Stream Database toolWhat is it?

Social Stream Database is a module within Site Manager (your CMS website admin interface), where you can connect your social media with your website. Right now, the module released is for Facebook only, but we are developing for Twitter, and expect the Twitter release to be pushed out in a few months. After Twitter, we will continue to add other popular social media streams.

Social Stream is fully integrated within Site Manager. With just a couple clicks, you’ll be able to add unlimited Facebook Pages accounts. Once added, Social Stream allows you to both pull social content into your website from your social media AND push out from your website to your social media. Yes! You read that correctly — Social Stream Database is two-way – connecting website with social stream both directions.

What can I do with it?

We’re sure that you’ll find even more ways to use Social Stream Database, but for starters, you can:

  • Connect your Blog tool to Facebook so that active posts get automatically posted on your Facebook wall
  • Directly post on your Facebook wall from within Site Manager
  • Build a Content/Resource tool on your website that is connected to Facebook, so that all new items are posted automatically to your wall
  • Add your Facebook posts to any page – using either a Main Body or Right Side tool. Any inside page, wherever you need it, no widget or special programming required

How will it help me?

  1.  Simplicity and Time Saved
  2. Drive traffic to your website, increase retention to both social media and website
  3. Add team members to the social stream posting without becoming Facebook admins

#1. We know that many of you struggle with not having enough time to get all the tasks done. We’ve talked with many of you and heard that adding social media to your plate is just one too many tasks in a week. You’re not even able to update your website like you want to.

Social Stream Database may offer you solutions. You can add a social media account to your existing blog on your website then it automatically pushes a post out to your wall. Every time you post a blog topic live, you have a new social media post. Done. That easy. The same can apply to the Content/Resource list tool. There’s also the direct post right in Site Manager’s admin – so while you’re updating your website, you can put the same update in a Facebook post, submit it in Site Manager and it’s done. You never have to leave Site Manager to get both tasks done!

#2. Social Media is required to have a successful web presence, and for most of our customers, to successfully drive new visitors, build connections, and more. It’s essential, yet it does not replace a website. Websites and Social Media each have a role, and now more than ever they must be combined to reach your audience. Connecting the two sources, and connecting them continually, is a must. The Social Stream Database allows you to simply apply a page level tool to any and all desired pages, adding your feeds to a page. It’s easier than building a widget (and it will look better!), and it’s free – no special programming or design required!

#3. In listening to our customers, we heard something else. Sometimes you have a website admin who probably could – or should – be updating your social media. But whether due to the fact that they don’t personally use Facebook or are intimidated by it, or even that you don’t want to add Facebook admin users with all that control, it just doesn’t happen.

Social Stream Database can solve that easily. Any Site Manager admin user can be given permissions to the tool and then can post to social media from within the site interface! It’s already a familiar interface, and no need to train or add any other users to your social media sources.

How can you start?

*If you have Premier or Enterprise Service plan, Social Stream Database is already available to you! Just turn on the permissions for your account under People. Then head to Tool Databases and start by adding your Facebook Page account. We’re working on creating help articles in the Help Center soon; if you have questions don’t hesitate to email support.

Interested in upgrading to the Premier service plan? You’ll receive the Media Library, Blog, Registration Tool, Social Stream and more. Just email us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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  1. Valerie Reed says:

    This is such an awesome tool! Thank you Faith Websites!!

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