What Is SCS?

I’ve been asked “what is SCS” by several customers recently, and I’m excited to tell you!

SCS is short for Strengthening Christian Schools. Strengthening Christian Schools is an outreach community and conference series that Dynamic Internet Solutions (DIS) and a partnering company, DB Consulting, started in 2013. It’s all about helping, assisting, building, strengthening Christian schools – in a very real, practical, hands-on, and affordable way. At SCS, educators, board members and school leaders have access to experts in a wide array of topics – from curriculum to enrollment, branding to giving, technology to governance and more.

As we work with many of our school customers, we have come to understand core challenges schools face. When I work with schools, the topics of enrollment, marketing, branding, messaging, technology and even fundraising challenges arise as we discuss content on websites. At DIS, we can only offer limited and focused assistance as it relates to websites, curriculum mapping and auction fundraising. Now, SCS changes that – you can learn from leading experts on all of these subjects and more at an SCS Conference. Get connected with other Christian Schools and find out what they are doing in these areas. Find resources. Come back with an action plan.

Last year, I had the opportunity to sit in for a portion of each session, and I was truly impacted by how each one of these session leaders were passionate about helping the attendees. I spent most of the time in the marketing track and thought that every one of our school customers should be sitting there with me. This was the how-to, the expert guidance, the methods and ideas – the answers to the hundreds of questions that are asked by our website customers.

I visited in the curriculum sessions and the auction fundraising and others, and each time, I heard solutions and ideas that went far beyond any technical tool we provide. Every school customer we have should attend a conference, I knew that then.

SCS is not a brand or another product of DIS, and there is no profit to be made with SCS. As our outreach, the entire team at DIS is involved with SCS in some capacity.

SCS is open to all schools of faith, even if you are not a DIS or DB Consulting customer. For attendees that are customers, this year in Dyer there will be networking sessions for each of our products offered, something that was requested more of last year and we’re happy to bring about this year.

Dyer IN is the next conference, in November 2014. In 2015, we are taking a leap of faith and running a conference in Largo, Florida in February 2015 and Chino/Ontario, California coming June 2015.

If I had a way to knock on every one of our customers doors, I would personally invite you to attend a SCS Conference. The registration cost is low, the conference is open to all leaders, the session topics are powerful this year with even more expanded session leaders. I’m confident you will come away empowered, inspired and strengthened. Learn more at and register for Dyer IN here.

If you have more questions for me or my team about SCS, please contact us. We would love to see you at Dyer in November – will you join us? Tweet or post #scsdyer if you are coming!

Kim from the DIS team, with Session Leader Rick Newberry and conference attendee

Kim from the DIS team, with Session Leader Rick Newberry and conference attendee

Session leader talking with attendee, SCS Dyer 2013

Session leader talking with attendee, SCS Dyer 2013

 Post written by Lisa Gutknecht, DIS | FWS Operations Manager

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