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A post by Jeremy Eisenga, Partner, Dynamic Internet Solutions

As one of the owners of Dynamic Internet Solutions (DIS), I would like to personally invite each and every faith based school leader to get strengthened at this year’s Strengthening Christian Schools (SCS) conference in Dyer, IN on November 13 and 14. I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing over and over again how challenging it is to operate a Christian school in today’s world. The challenges are at times overwhelming. So come to Dyer in November and get strengthened! Not only will you be able to engage with real experts in Admissions, Development, Technology, Leadership and more, but you will also have the opportunity to interact with leaders from other schools. Some of those leaders need to be strengthened by experiences you can share. All the while, you get to be strengthened by the amazing session leaders and by experiences shared by the other attendees.

To top it off, DIS customers will have an additional benefit – networking sessions for the DIS services that you use. Come get strengthened by learning how to better leverage the tools that you already use – tools that help promote your school, organize and map your curriculum, and help you coordinate and manage your fundraising auction. Many of you attended our 2013 conference in Dyer and left great feedback. As a result, we have even more topic based sessions to pick from plus more networking opportunities in case you want to learn more about leveraging the tools that DIS provides to you.

So, please come. SCS has no profit-minded agendas. We’re not holding these conferences in the middle of a big city in an expensive hotel. We are partnering with generous host churches and generous session leaders that are passionate about Christian education. We’re simply holding these conferences to help you get strengthened in doing what you all have a big heart for – leading Christian students.


Jeremy and Mike meeting with Christian School leaders at SCS Dyer 2013

Jeremy and Mike meeting with Christian School leaders at SCS Dyer 2013

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