Church Websites and Front Doors: Part 2

In Church Websites and Front Doors: Part 1, we posed some questions and offered a few examples of how you can use your website to make that same great first impression that you do with your front door.

When you work with DIS | Faithwebsites on a new design or design upgrade, we encourage you to take time to think about the content of your website, in addition to the overall design.  Here are some of the top content tips that every church should consider:

  • What to expect. Do you have a “what to expect” type of paragraph or page on your site? This content would include the style of your worship services, your worship schedule, before or after services (receptions, fellowships, greetings), language interpretations, nursery / small child care, handicap accessibility, etc. You can put your service schedules on this page, or have a link to the page where your service schedules are defined.
  • Sunday School and/or Small Children / Youth programs. If you want to welcome families, this content is a must.
  • Avoid using program names for link names. If your church has specific program names, such as “Adventurers”, “Greenhouse”, “Club Kids”, don’t use those exact terms as the navigation link names. Instead, label your links with a term a new visitor would understand, such as Youth, Kids, Nursery, etc. The page titles, however, can be your unique name for the program – just be sure that you are clear who the program is for.
  • Regular attendees and members do not need prime “real estate” on your website. What we mean by “real estate” is the space on a web page. The home page is the most sought after real estate, but it should be dedicated to visitors and the audience you wish to reach out to. For your members, think of ways to create buttons and quick hops to the content they need without taking up a large amount of space that should be reserved for newcomers.
  • Images are just as important as text these days. Is there a photographer in your congregation? Chances are someone is blessed with talent behind a lens. Tap into that resource, and ask them to shoot some photos of events, the church service, interaction between people. Tell them its for the website, so shoot wide / horizontal. Keep your website fresh and real with images of the people that make up your congregation.

Do you feel that your church website provides a great first impression? Do you have tips for how you manage to update your website? Drop a comment or contact us today – we’d love to hear from you!

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