You are not alone!

A post by Mike Vander Berg, Partner, Dynamic Internet Solutions

Mike opening the 2013 SCS conference in Dyer

Mike opening the 2013 SCS conference in Dyer

Strengthening Christian Schools is here for you…You are not alone!

The purpose of the Strengthening Christian Schools (SCS) concept is to build a community of experts in a range of fields, all of whom are passionate about getting every Christian school to the next level.

We know Christian school leaders are facing a lonely day-to-day struggle to stay on top of things. As a result, we’re connecting with, and bringing you into community with, some of the top names in Christian education. We recruit and vet our session leaders based not only on their reputations and unique expertise and thought leadership… but just as important, on their willingness to invest of their time and themselves in you and your schools’ needs after our conferences.

Our goal is simple … whether you have 100 students or 1000, we want to provide the help and support to make the most of the time and resources at your disposal … and take your school to the next level. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to make our conferences affordable for any and every school. It’s just $100 per attendee… plus, we’re so passionate that you’re on the same page as your school community that you can bring a board member for free for each paid attendee.

With our SCS Conference, you will leave with support – leave with ideas– and leave with an action plan – as part of an ongoing community committed to strengthening your school. At these conferences, we make time to digest and reflect on what you’ve learned. And that plan will be vetted not only with session leaders … but also your colleagues and peers as you build mutual understanding and community.

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