Seven Reasons to Attend SCS Dyer 2014! (Part 2)

by Dan Beerens, DB Consulting

Dan Beerens speaking at the 2013 Dyer SCS Confernece

Dan Beerens speaking at the 2013 Dyer SCS Confernece

In my last post, I gave four reasons you to consider about attending the SCS 2014 conference. I would like to finish off the seven reasons by giving you three more reasons to consider (and tip you right over that fence of indecision!)

  1. You will not find a conference that is a better value! This year again we are charging a $100 registration for two days of quality professional development and you can also bring a board member for free! We have top quality leaders coming to present because they believe in Christian education and in our mission of strengthening Christian school, not because we are paying them a big fee. We use any extra funds to fund future conferences such as the ones we are doing next year in Florida and California. We have no organization or salaries that need supporting – that allows us to keep this very reasonable to attend.

  2. We have amazing food! Faith Church was kind enough to share the name of their caterer with us and his cooking was incredible. We had a meal at lunch that seemed more like a buffet than anything and also had snacks available all day long. People were raving about it the whole time!

  3. Beautiful, relaxing facilities and a convenient location – Faith Church is a beautiful mega-church that is conveniently located in Northwest Indiana near many reasonable hotels. The facility is spacious, yet intimate and not overwhelming. It is a great place to meet, learn, and connect!

I hope you can see why after these 7 reasons that SCS is a conference you should attend! If you would like to register, please go to now.

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