Building Connection: The SCS Conference

by Molly Parker

The SCS conference was a bit of an adventure for me last year. Not only was it the first SCS conference, but for me, it was also the first time I met all of my coworkers in person. Although I had been with the company for 5 months, we all work remotely and are scattered across the country. Climbing into a “stranger’s” car outside of Chicago Midway Airport, I met 3 of my coworkers for the first time face to face and I met the rest throughout the day.

Connecting with the DIS team for the first time.

Connecting with the DIS team for the first time.

I had no idea what it would be like to meet the DIS team face to face for the first time, but I wasn’t too sure about this conference either. I imagined that it might be a bit like going back to school, sitting in a stuffy room listening to an administrator lecture on how to improve Christian schools. I thought it might not be too relevant for someone who works on the websites of Christian schools, but rarely has the opportunity to set foot in one. However, one of our duties for the conference was to sit in on the sessions, to learn more about the challenges that Christian schools face and also support the session leaders.

And, wow, was I wrong. From my very first session, I was impressed at the level of personalization and connection that was built into the sessions. This was not a session leader talking to his or her audience, but the session leader talking with the attendees as colleagues. People gathered around circular tables, sat together on comfortable couches, and leaned in to share experiences and knowledge.

It was a pleasure to talk to the administrators and teachers and learn more about their schools. One customer thanked me for a support issue I’d helped him with a few days prior… in person! What a rare treat that was. We held a session just for our customers where they could talk to us about any product they had questions about. We listened to their unique challenges and shared website tips with them. We do this through our ticket system each day, but there is a connection you can only experience face to face.

I was also overwhelmed by what a wonderful group of people the DIS team is. I suppose I’m rather biased, now being a part of this team for over a year, but the SCS conference was the first time I realized how much the DIS team cares. We care about helping Christian schools and supporting them in their work to grow strong Christian leaders. We care about our customers as a whole, but also as individuals. The SCS conference brought that to life for me in a new way.

It’s a rare delight to get to meet our customers face to face, to hear about their challenges and have the opportunity to be present for them. I hope that you’ll take the opportunity to join us at the SCS conference. You will have the chance to “get strengthened” as Jeremy put it, and we will have the chance to connect with you!

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