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We’re continuing our series covering our tools and how you can use them to the fullest. It’s been awhile since we did our introductory Tool Box post, which covered the Prayer Requests tool. This series features individual tools in Site Manager and what they are best used for.

The links list tool is a simple tool for building links, but there are many things that you can do with it. This tool recently had some significant enhancements, so even if you’ve used this tool in the past, it’s time to give it a second look!

Explaining the links list tool is as simple as its name; you can use it to create a list of links! These can be links to outside sources, internal pages or even files in your File Uploads. You can do this in any Content Editor or Resource/Content list tool as well, but what makes the links list tool so useful is how it formats the links for you.

So, let’s talk about the formatting options. When adding the links list tool, you have 3 display options: “Show Full List”, “Dropdown Box” or “

Show Full List

When do you want to use “Show Full List”? This option shows the links and all of their content without clicking on any menus or links to expand or drop down the list. Perhaps you are having a fundraiser at your school and want to create a page to share about all of your sponsors? Use the Links List Tool with the “Show Full List” option. This will allow you to share their logo, link to your sponsors’ websites, and add a description about who they are and how they are supporting you.

This option can be used in either the main body or right side bar, but the option to add a photo is only available in the main body.

Below is an example of the “Show Full List” option with a few of the DIS products as an example. The name of the product is the link, then we have the logo as an image, and lastly, to the right of the logo, there is a description.Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 10.56.57 PM

Dropdown Box

This option creates a drop down field with your links. You can use this any time that you are short on space or even for a utility navigation or quick links. It is a much more compact option than the Full List. However, because of it’s design, you cannot use link pictures or descriptions with this option.

Here is an example of the Dropdown box for the right side bar. On the left is the box before it is clicked on. The right shows how it appears once it has been clicked on with the list of options.

Expand/Collapse Link

The third and final option for the Links List tool is Expand/Collapse Link.  In some ways, it offers the best of both the Show Full List option and the Dropdown Box option. It offers a compact display until it is clicked on, but once clicked on, it expands to the full display. These links can have a description and a photo if being used in the main body.

On the left, “+ Learn More”, is how the Links List tool displays before being clicked on. You can customize the text to say whatever you would like. On the right, the full expanded Links List, after being clicked on. It looks Identical to the “Show Full List” option except that it has the “collapse” button above the links.

Ready to get started with the Links List tool now? The Links List tool is available on all service plans for both the main body and right side. If you need help on setting up your links list tool or adding links, please review this support article on the Links List Tool.

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