Updating Your Website for Summer

We hope your summer days are spent poolside, not in front of your computer. But, make a few updates to your website can help keep your information current and relevant when school or your ministry programs start again in the fall. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you make the most of this slower season.

  1. Change your calendar properties. During the school year, you have a busy schedule with many events every week. During the school year, you may only have a few events a month. If you go into your calendar properties (found the “Tool Menu” in Site Manager), you can adjust the date range to be longer, displaying events that are further out. This is particularly essential for any calendar tool on your homepage.
  2. Build and schedule fall content. If you have some spare time in the office over the summer, you can build pages or tools for fall events, but leave them inactive. You can schedule a status change so that they will become active when you need them.
  3. Create pages for end of summer events, and link to them from your homepage. When your users get home from vacation, they’ll want to take a quick look at your website to double check your calendar for the first day of school or when ministry programs resume. Make sure that this is clear and easy to find on your website.
  4. Review your pages. Summer is also an ideal time to go through your website content and review what needs to be updated. Even if you don’t want to tackle it all quite yet, make yourself a list of what you should update in the fall.
  5. Archive old resources. Do you have all of your sermons on one page? Athletic event scores and details? Weekly newsletters still on your main page? If you aren’t willing to part with these older items, create an archives page where visitors can find the older resources, without cluttering up your key pages.
  6. Learn a new tool. Still have some free time? Create an inactive test page and play around with a tool that you haven’t tried before. Using a variety of tools creates engaging content. Some tools to check out– Column Display, Announcements Database and tools, Social Stream Database, or any of the tools available for the right side.

Give these ideas a try and reach out to us if you have any questions or need feedback on your latest updates!

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