Seeker-Friendly Churches: Easy Accessibility

Seeker-Friendly is a new blog series which will share some simple tips to making your church more accessible and appealing for someone looking for a new church. While some people still find a new church by word-of-mouth, more and more people, particularly young people, are scoping out churches online, to figure out the options and narrow down their choices. This blog series will cover the “must-haves” for creating a website which is welcoming to the outside world.

Today’s tip is simple, but it is absolutely essential. Take a look at your homepage and see how quickly you can find the answers to the following questions:

  • Where do you meet?
  • When do you meet?
  • How can they contact you?

How many clicks does it take your users to find these answers? Ideally, all of these answers should be quickly and easily found on your homepage. For a question which might need a bit more detail, like where you meet, there should still be a prominent link to that on your homepage. On the inside page that you’re linking to, you can have a clickable Google map and possibly some directions, if your location is hard to find or the parking is in a different location.

Also, confirm that all information, particularly your contact information, is current and accurate. Is this an email address which is checked regularly or is there a better one which might get interested individuals a faster response?

The main purpose of this exercise is to think about how accessible your website is for someone searching for a church on the internet. To visit your church, your guests first need to know when and where to find your church, and know how to get in touch with you beforehand if they have questions. These may seem like simple things, but they are absolutely key to get visitors in your door.

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