Things Non-Profits Need To Avoid

There goes a saying “All publicity, is good publicity.” depending on what field of work you are in that can be true.  In the world of Non-Profit, avoiding marketing mistakes is something that should be carefully sought after.  When you are marketing your brand it’s important to keep Image result for audience clappingsomethings in mind.  We have compiled a list of Things Non-Profits Need To Avoid below:

  • Social Media Is Meant To Be Social
    • Although it sounds easy, conversation is important when it comes to social media.  When businesses and brands just focus on displaying information about their website it makes it uninteresting for your reader.  It’s important to engage your audience through two-way communication.  This will keep your brand interesting and keep your audience interested in learning more.  Just posting facts and links to other information can get boring, keep your posts and communication through your brand vibrant and interesting.


  • Objectives Need To Be Kept Clear
    • We know that you know about your brand but does your audience?  Aside from the things you randomly post throughout the day how does your audience know your purpose?  Creating an objective that is no longer then 2 sentences, straight to the point and thorough is the way to go.  It saves your audience time researching your positioning, and allows them to develop passion through your posts based on the knowledge of your objective.


    • Up-to-date designs and responsiveness are the keys to encouraging an audience to Image result for updated design socialstay attentive and alert.  This keeps your audience aware of how up-to-date you are on your content.  The more up-to-date a website looks, the more the audience believes in the service or product it provides.  Keeping you design cohesive, whether simplistic, modern, vibrant, or candid, inspires the audience and allows them to roam independently.
  • Video Recognition
    • You know the great saying “A picture speaks a thousand words”?  Well imagine what a video can do.  Videos create a personal atmosphere that connects your brand to your audience through the power of digital recognition.  Words on a screen can do minor impact compared to a moving picture.  Enhance the quality of your online persona and truly reach out to your audience.
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