Blending Your Website and Social Media

Feel like you’re juggling so many posts, pages, tweets, and more? You’re not alone! Many of our customers share that keeping up with all the social media and online publishing is overwhelming.

There are a few strategies that your organization can adopt that will not only make things easier to manage and maintain, but also will make things easier for your end-users. It’s a win-win that’s worth the effort to create and implement.

Make your website your center hub

When you post to social media they should always revert back to the big picture, your website. Social media in a sense, should be advertising for your website, the primary user hub. Managing social media becomes easier when you are able to take small excerpts from written script on your website and share them with your audience.

Schedule In Advance

There are many programs and applications that will allow you to post right onto your website and share that post via social media directly from that program. Work smarter not harder by connecting your social profiles to your CMS and post directly to your social profiles instantly. There are many opportunities from applications like Buffer, Hootsuite and more, that allow you to schedule your posts in advance so you are not constantly having to monitor what your posting everyday. If you set a day aside to focus primarily on social media, you can schedule posts for as far as two weeks and more on other applications.

Game Plan

There are many companies and brands that have a set game plans in order to keep their audience intrigued with the content they are posting.  Some brands set days for specific posts (i.e. Motivational Mondays, Transition Tuesday, Worship Wednesday etc.).  When you delegate a plan of action it creates an environment that becomes easier to create content for.  Content should be from the heart in order for it to become mainstream.  Make sure you’re relaying messages and not just advertisements.



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