Infographic: 10 Reasons to Have a Mobile Site

With smartphones growing and taking the majority share of mobile phone usage in America this year, you cannot afford to ignore the need for a mobile site. At FaithWebsites, we are excited to have released an add-on product that enables you to take your current site and create a mobile version of it with very little time or effort!

In case you are still on the fence regarding whether to make the move to a mobile site or not, here is a great infographic that lists 10 reasons why you need a mobile site. While the perspective of this infographic is for business and retail – the statistics and principles apply to all online users. More and more people are browsing on their smart phone for everything – and that includes church, school and faith topics. The statistics of users who have made a purchase reflects the percentage of users making decisions on their smartphones – and those decisions will include donations, which church to visit, which service to attend, and more.

Full infographic below, which is available for download here.

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