SEO Tips: Build links using social media and location apps

In an earlier post, we addressed a few basics about on-page optimization. WhichStay Connected using Social Media and Websites are basics for all website building, even if Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t a priority for you. In this post, we’ll get into a few tips that you can do to help drive traffic to your website and build high-quality links (or healthy links) to your website. Which helps improve your SEO, because Google likes to see that other sources are referring or linking to your site. And that people are actually clicking to visit your website. Here are three of the easier ways to build links and traffic:

  1. Build, claim or update your Google+ Brand Page (formerly known as Google+ Pages). Even if you aren’t using Google+, you need to build a page and be sure it has your website, contact information, good quality short content about your organization, and ideally some relevant pictures of your church, school, etc. More and more often, Google+ results show at the top of search results. For this reason alone, we recommend to our customers to set up their Google+ page.
  2. Use social media to build links. Build content on your website, then build posts or tweets for Facebook and Twitter to share those links. Sharing your content snippets on your social media creates links that are naturally clicked by followers – and that shows that users are interested in your site. Do this for all the content you can – events, announcements, new pictures you added to your website, cancellation updates, blog posts, release of volunteer schedules, sign-ups required – you get the idea!
  3. Get your organization on location based apps. Many people use location based apps such as Yelp or Foursquare, to find anything – which can certainly include a church or school. Is your church or school listed? Claim or build your listing and be sure that your website is listed in the post. Next, explore other online listing or directories that are applicable for your organization. These can be great link building updates to your SEO, and can make you more visible to the people you’re hoping to reach.

In addition to the above, be sure that your social media pages all have a link back to your website and your website has icons or links to your social media pages. Be sure your posts and tweets include links to your website as often as is practical. If you are a DIS | Faithwebsites customer, be sure to tap into the power and efficiency of Social Stream, our integrated social media tool.

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