Ready for the Bad Weather?

Snow, sleet, icy roads– these are a given for many of our customers this time of year, along with the delays and cancellations that go along with them. We wanted to remind you that we have a feature designed just for sharing such urgent messages!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.35.28 PMThe alert feature is designed to share cancellations, delays and other important, time-sensitive announcements. When turned on, a window will appear on the first page anyone visits on your website, whether is the homepage or interior page. They can click “ok” to close this window, where it will be minimized at the bottom right of the screen, in case they need to view it again.

The alert is a full content editor, meaning that the text is fully customizable and you can add a link or an image (like the example at the left) if you chose.

This tool is available on our Plus or higher service plans. To find instructions and start using this tool, please see this article in our Help Center. Not sure which service plan you’re on or want to upgrade to the Plus plan? Send us an email!

We also have another gift for you— this one for all of our customers! We have weather related images to our free image gallery. These would work perfectly with the alert feature, or in a homepage slideshow, or on your social media feeds.


These images, and the rest of our free images, are available in our free image gallery.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions about this feature and the images.


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