Customer’s Great Ideas: Slide Shows

The old adage “a picture’s worth a thousand words” is holding true today — and for websites images are key for a positive user experience, engaging your audience and communicating your message.

Watch the video below to see how others are using the Slide Show tool on an inside page or landing page to create a visual experience.


  • Explore the Tool Menu!  You don’t need to use the default property settings.*  Explore the properties that work best for your images
  • Make sure all of your images are the same dimensions.  This helps your page look consistent no matter which image in the slideshow displays.
  • Explore different page layout and slideshow dimension combinations.*  Want a full width slideshow?  Turn off the interior navigation and right side bar.  Adjust your slideshow tool dimensions, and upload images that are large enough to fit the space.

Want to learn how to use your slideshow’s tool properties to accomplish this look on an interior page of your website?  Contact for instructions.

*Remember that homepage slideshow tools have set properties and dimensions.  This article explores ways to add slideshow tools to interior pages of your website where you have the control.

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