Seeker-Friendly Churches: An Inside Perspective

A church’s website needs to convey information.  That information should include things like service times, location and child care availability, but a church’s website needs to communicate more than facts.  A potential visitor wants to understand what they will experience.  Who will they meet?  Are there a lot of empty seats?  What does the coffee bar look like? You could write out answers to all of these potential questions and thoughts, but why not SHOW them, instead?

Images are a powerful tool that church websites need to use.  These images should be more than an event flier or a stock image advertising the next sermon series; the best images are those of people.  Seeing images of people who are already attending your church will provide the inside perspective so many potential visitors are looking for.  Are there people here like me?  Are they in the same stage of life? Do they share my interests?  Is there anyone I can build a relationship with?

young men sitting around a table praying and reading the bibleImages not only allow potential visitors a chance to see who is already at your church, but it shows them where your priorities are.  If your website focuses on images of people rather then your facilities or event information, you are speaking volumes about what you value.  Show your website visitors where your church’s focus is.  The mission of your organization should be evident in the images you choose to display.



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