Introducing Social Stream Database. CMS + Social Media

The team at DIS is thrilled to be releasing our newest module (tool set) – Social Stream Database. And the first release of this tool is available now!* What is it? Social Stream Database is a module within Site Manager (your CMS website admin interface), where you can connect your social media with your website. […]

Enhancement Highlight: Updated Message Board Tool

We are excited to announce that we’ve updated our Message Board tool to include a simple journal or blog presentation you can create on your website! The updates are live right now – go check it out! With the added functionality, the uses for this tool are expanded well beyond that of the message board, […]

Thinking About Adding a Blog to Your Website?

Over the past months, we’ve received a fair number of questions from customers regarding blogs. book com ella guest prescription propecia site Many churches are realizing the impact and potential a blog on their website can have, but just aren’t sure about how to get one started. A blog is, quite simply, an online communication […]