Understanding Aspect Ratio: Photos and Frames

Understanding aspect ratio is an essential part of understanding why some photos work better on your website than others. But, if you aren’t familiar with working with images, it can be a difficult thing to understand.  To demonstrate, let’s go back to the classic picture frame and printed photo. Our picture frame represents the slideshow that we […]

Free Image Editors You Can Start Using Today – and why you should use them

Images are an important part of website content. I would venture to say that you should be investing about 30 to 50% of your content building time and effort into building images. But any old stock image isn’t going to cut it these days. Today, your audience is filled with image-centric, image savvy individuals and […]

New Enhancement: Image Cropping Tool!

We are super excited to announce that a new image cropping tool has been installed in Faithwebsites CMS! Understanding the importance that top-quality visuals and slide shows have in websites today, this built-in crop tool will help you upload any picture and make that picture fit the designated space perfectly. This results in the image […]