Infographic: 10 Reasons to Have a Mobile Site

With smartphones growing and taking the majority share of mobile phone usage in America this year, you cannot afford to ignore the need for a mobile site. At FaithWebsites, we are excited to have released an add-on product that enables you to take your current site and create a mobile version of it with very […]

Things Non-Profits Need To Avoid

There goes a saying “All publicity, is good publicity.” depending on what field of work you are in that can be true.  In the world of Non-Profit, avoiding marketing mistakes is something that should be carefully sought after.  When you are marketing your brand it’s important to keep somethings in mind.  We have compiled a […]

Instant Mobile Website – New Product Release

If you’re following us on Facebook, then you know it’s coming – mobile websites for your current FWS or DIS site! Here’s a sneak preview of what our product will offer: Instant. What do we mean by “instant”? You can mobilize your site in seconds. Yes, the domain work and the setup work has to […]