Introducing Social Stream Database. CMS + Social Media

The team at DIS is thrilled to be releasing our newest module (tool set) – Social Stream Database. And the first release of this tool is available now!* What is it? Social Stream Database is a module within Site Manager (your CMS website admin interface), where you can connect your social media with your website. […]

Social Media Guide

Many of our customers are still trying to figure out what works for them with social media posting. We can relate – we are still working on that too! We’re busy – so are you. We found this guide recently – and while it was originally created last year, it provides short and practical advice. […]

Understanding Social Media Trends – Infographic

We found this interesting and thought we would share. Is your church or organization on one or more social media streams? If you need help connecting your social media to your website, be sure to contact our support team – they’ll be happy to help! Social Media Trends Churches Must Understand | Create infographics

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! At FWS, we are thankful for our customers and the continual opportunities to work with churches, schools and other Christian organizations. buy nolvadex without prescription At this time of year, our reflections turn toward the many blessings God has given us. accutane pictures It is our prayer that you experience God’s blessings […]

Building Graphic Links

Building graphic links on your website is easier than you think! Whether you want to create a link to another website – such as a social media account, or simply provide a visual link to another section of your website, utilizing visual links can be a great asset. Before we begin this tutorial, one word […]