SEO Talks: Alt Text, behind the scene for images

Images have become incredibly important for attracting web traffic and improving the experience that people have on a site.  Site Manager even offers a variety of tools to help you create this visual content.  However, there is one little attribute associated with images that often gets overlooked.  This overlooked attribute is called the alt text […]

Using Web Safe and User-Friendly Fonts

    Before your users even begin to read the text on your page, they notice the fonts. Just as body language and tone are important with speech, fonts are important with the written content on your page. As you likely know intuitively, a bold, bright font can express an assertive message. Or, a curvy, […]

SEO: Meta Keywords

We’ve had several inquiries lately about Meta Keywords which has brought to light that we are behind on updating our interface, and more importantly, our customers about changes that have evolved over the years with keyword meta tag. Meta keywords are a series of keywords and phrases that can be added to your site, on […]

SEO… One powerful thing you can do today

The Page Level Title Tag is one of the most important tags in your website – especially for all your key landing pages or your main navigation category pages. The content of the title tag is displayed by most search engines as the title of your page within the search engine results – or SERPs.  […]

Optimizing Photos for Your Website

An important element of any website is photos and images – they help tell a story, communicate the next steps, bring new and returning visitors to the site and much more.  Yet, photos that are not optimized lead to slow webpage load times and load time is a major factor that influences the desirability of […]